Did Norm Coleman win? Part 2

When the Minnesota Secretary of State posted the tally with 100 percent of the precincts reporting results on Wednesday morning, incumbent Republican Senator Norm Coleman appeared to have won the election over Al Franken — subject to a mandatory recount — by 725 or 726 votes. At the moment, that looks like a veritable landsilde.

Before the mandatory recount has even begun, Senator Coleman’s lead over Franken has shrunk to 236 votes as county auditors have adjusted their tallies. The Secretary of State won’t certify a final result until early next week. (The St. Paul Pioneer Press carries a good account of the process that is underway here.)

Although the recount won’t begin for another week or so, Senator Coleman’s margin over Franken has been cut by more than half since Wednesday morning. The recount won’t start until the third week of November. Don’t take your eyes off Minnesoa yet.

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