Dreams From His Aunt, part 2

Yesterday we noted the London Times (here) and Boston Globe (here) news stories on Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango. Ms. Onyango was found living in run-down Boston public housing, though she has enough money to have contributed $260 to Obama’s campaign.

The Times took the contribution as evidence that Ms. Onyango is an American citizen. Mark Steyn commented: “By definition, if you donate to Barack the Good, you must be one of his loyal subjects. They should make it a requirement of the citizenship test.” Allluding to a subject close to my heart, Mark added: “By the way, the argument that giving money to Obama is ipso facto proof of citizenship also clears up any question marks over those donations by ‘A Hitler’ and ‘S Hussein.'”

Now comes the AP to report that Ms. Onyango is neither a citizen nor a legal resident of the United States. Indeed, she is the subject of a deportation order that she has successfully ignored. The AP reports that Ms. Onyango is also the beneficiary of “an unusual nationwide directive within Immigrations and Customs Enforcement requiring any deportations prior to Tuesday’s election to be approved at least at the level of ICE regional directors.”

I’m not a big fan of predictions, but here is one that I hazard with great confidence. I’m predicting that Ms. Onyango will be around to contribute — legally — to the presidential campaign of her choosing in 2012.

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