Eric Holder, AG?

News reports indicate that Barack Obama has offered the post of Attorney General to Eric Holder. No surprise there, except perhaps on the part of internet liberals who thought the Obama administration would be different in some significant respect from the Clinton administration.

Holder has been attacked for his role in the Marc Rich pardon, which you can read about here; the bottom line, I think, is that Holder was a Clinton loyalist and acted as such. Bill Clinton is responsible for the Rich pardon, not Holder, and it is silly for a single incident of this sort to blot a person’s career, on either side of the aisle.

Holder is no doubt much more liberal than we are, but that’s what happens when a Democrat wins the Presidential election. He’s no extremist; he was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan and most recently has been working for Covington & Burling, not exactly an outpost of socialism.

Holder is obviously a capable guy, and he is a DOJ insider in a way that Alberto Gonzales, say, could never be. But then, it’s always easier for a Democrat to be an “insider” in virtually any Washington agency. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing we will perhaps be able to judge over the next four years.

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