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Did you know that Secretary of State Rice held a “free-wheeling question and answer session” with employees of Google earlier this year? So reports Bart Gellman in his book on the Cheney vice presidency.

It’s common knowledge that Google is a left-leaning outfit. Not surprisingly, then, Rice was called on to defend, among things, the administration’s terrorist detainee interrogation policy. According to Gellman, she did so in her characteristically mushy way, stating that this policy has “evolved” in “the context of a constant debate about. . .what our values [tell] us to do.”

Apparently, general claims of “evolution” weren’t enough to satisfy her lefty audience. Instead, they pressed her about Gitmo. Rice proceded to serve up much more, stating that “we’d like nothing better than to close Guantanamo; we look all the time at whether it’s possible, and when and if it’s possible, we’d like to do it.”

What would induce a Secretary of State to plead the administration’s case to the left-wingers at a trendy corporate employer? Rice couldn’t possibly have expected to convert them. And what purpose would have been served even if she had?

Not every Secretary of State can be Henry Kissinger, but one can hope for a higher level of seriousness from our top diplomat than this.

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