Lining Up to Chat

Word has gotten around that Barack Obama is willing to sit down with our enemies; the latest to volunteer for a chat is Hamas:

Khaled Mashaal said that Hamas is ready for dialogue with Obama and his new administration “on the basis that the American administration respects our rights and our options.”

“Our options?” I assume that means Hamas’s “option” to continue carrying out terrorist attacks.

“The American administration, if they want to deal with the region, Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, they have no other option than deal with Hamas because we are a real force on the ground, effective,” Mashaal told Sky News from Damascus, Syria.

The exiled militant leader said that the election of a U.S. president with African roots was “a big change–political and psychological” and congratulated him on his victory.

Hamas initially endorsed Obama’s candidacy for President, but then withdrew its endorsement when Obama made a pro-Israel statement. It appears, though, that the old excitement is back. A “big change” in America’s attitude toward terrorist groups is just what Hamas has been waiting for.

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