The health care banana peel

In her Examiner column, Sally Pipes considers what an Obama presidency will mean for health care. In essence, Pipes argues, it means state-run health care. And this, in turn, means potentially bankrupting the country while imposing sub-par care.

Obama has vigorously pitched “preventative care.” Given the unsustainability of the health care system he favors, it’s easy to see why. But Pipes shows that state-run programs to promote good health have not worked well in the past. Moreover, even effective prevention programs are unlikely to provide a cure for high health benefit costs. For one thing, as Pipes explains, healthy people live longer, and the final years of the elderly bring with them enormous medical costs.

Reforming health care is a banana peel for Obama. Middle class voters are unlikely to tolerate any noticeable drop in the quality of their health care (including, of course, delay), nor will they look favorable on the additional debt that Obamacare is likely to entail. But Pipes shows that the real banana peel is the one in store for the American people.

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