What’s happening in Minnesota? part 3

Coleman for Senate campaign manager Cullen Sheehan released the following statement today after it the perceived efforts of the Franken campaign and outside groups attempt improperly to influence canvassing process. The statement alludes to a “legal proceeding” of which I am not aware:

“Not content to allow the recount process to move forward as prescribed by law, the Franken Campaign and its supporters are attempting a campaign of undue influence. The increasing questions about unexplained and improbable shifts in vote counts, coupled with Franken Campaign antics over the past 24 hours, compelled us to seek legal action to protect the rights of Minnesota voters. We had an election. Senator Coleman won. And we now must have a legal and transparent process conducted in the light of day – and that is our goal and intent.

“Late last night, after another unexplained shift in votes occurred when the Secretary of State’s Office closed, new ballots have suddenly appeared from a heavily Democratic precinct. These ballots have been unsecure since the election, yet the Franken Campaign is demanding they be stuffed into the ballot box, attempting to change a vote count that was already finished. Minnesota election laws provide specific rules for reviewing and counting ballots. Today’s legal proceeding is an effort to ensure that a transparent and orderly process be in place. The Franken Campaign should be joining us in this action, not seeking to push the process outside the bounds of the law.”

As I wrote this morning, the election seems to be in the process of being stolen.

UPDATE: News of the legal proceeding Senator Coleman brought with respect to the mysterious appearance of 32 absentee ballots and likely Franken votes in Hennepin County is reported in this post at Sweetness and Light.

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JOHN adds: To help prevent the election from being stolen, if possible, please go here to contribute to the NRSC’s effort to assure a legal recount process.

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