An update on Josh Mandel

Through reports from our occasional correspondent Joel Mowbray, we covered the race of Josh Mandel to represent Ohio’s District 17 in the state legislature. Joel dubbed Mandel a Republican “star on the rise.”

Mandel was running for reelection after having spent part of his maiden two-year term serving a second tour with the Marines in Iraq, as I recall, for which his opponent obliquely attacked him. Mandel represents a Democratic-leaning district in the Cleveland area. His 2008 reelection race was thought to represent a serious challenge in a difficult year.

I meant to check the result on election day and simply forgot. It was a difficult year, alright, but Mandel survived the challenge with style. Looking around the Web this morning, I find that according to unofficial final results from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, Mandel collected 46,397 votes (71.8 percent) to opponent Bob Belovich’s 18,222 votes (28.2 percent). I think we’ll be hearing more from Rep. Mandel.

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