Before there was the blog post. . .

there was its generally better-written cousin, the angry letter to the editor. I enjoyed this letter to the Washington Post from Martin Carr of Walkersville, Maryland:

I’ve got to stop reading the Post. The Dec. 17 front-page fluff piece on Caroline Kennedy [ Friends Say Kennedy Has Long Wanted Public Role] was nauseating. You devoted more than 1,200 words to the subject but none that addressed why she is qualified to take on the role of a U.S. Senator. Her maiden name — and I loved the part about how she has now abandoned her married name — is her only “qualification,” and a dubious one at that.

What really irritated me was the paragraph about how her cousin thinks she’d be great because she’s a mom and the Senate needs more such real people. Hmmm. . .Seems to me we just had the “realest” person I can ever remember running for vice president — a mother of five who got involved in politics because she didn’t like the way things were happening in her home town — and she was excoriated by The Post and other media outlets for being inexperienced and uninformed.

Caroline Kennedy’s qualifications are nil, and I’m ashamed that The Post is pretending that she has some. Have you lost all sense of editorial balance and real journalism?

Not reading the Washington Post is a tempting New Year’s resolution. Not paying to read the Washington Post is a better one.

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