Bush and the Jews

Historian Ronald Radosh attended the White House Chanukah party earlier this week. His attendance at the event caused him to reflect on “Bush and the Jews.” Radosh’s reflections prompt me once again to realize that I am beginning already to miss President Bush.

On a related point, Jay Nordlinger provides more cause for the sentiment in his Impromptus column this morning, noting President Bush’s recent meeting with bloggers who focus on human rights in their countries of origin. Jay writes:

Perhaps some day Bush will be given credit for his attention to human rights; perhaps some day he will be known as a human-rights president. Maybe if he called himself that, it would help. Jimmy Carter did — called himself a human-rights president, repeatedly. So did his people, and all the media. Anyway . . .

[Blogger] Val [Prieto, of Babalú] wrote me, “My father was in tears when I told him I had been invited to the White House. He said that giving me my freedom, by going into exile from Cuba, was the best thing he ever did in his life.”

Jay also quotes a reader who remarks: “By the way, won’t it be wonderful when history allows us to appreciate this president?”

Jay answers: “Well, there’s no need to wait for ‘history,’ that fickle broad.”

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