Bush ducks and quips in Baghdad

Kathryn Lopez has posted the White House pool report on President Bush’s appearance in Baghdad today:

The president’s appearance was interrupted by a man, apparently a journalist, who leapt to his feet and threw his shoe at the president, who ducked and thus narrowly missed being struck. Chaos ensued. The [man] threw a second shoe, which also narrowly missed the president. The man was roughly 12 feet from the lecturn in the center of two rows of chairs, about two feet from the pool. A scrum of security agents descended on the man and wrestled him, first to the floor and then out of the ornate room where the press conference was taking place.

The president was at no point injured and he brushed off the incident. “All I can report is it is a size 10.”

The pool’s Iraqi colleague said the man shouted, “This is a farewell kiss, dog.”

In some respects I’m beginning to miss President Bush already.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft has the dramatic video and photographs.

JOHN adds: Here is a video grab of the Iraqi journalist hurling one of his shoes at the President:


By the way, do we know for sure the guy really is an Iraqi? Any number of American journalists could be suspects. Do we know Keith Olbermann’s whereabouts?

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