Disproportionate idiocy

Alan Dershowitz addresses the subject of “Israel, Hamas and moral idiocy” in a Christian Science Monitor column that bears the stamp of his characteristic verve. On the same subject, Victor Davis Hanson offers seven moderate proposals that in their own way get at the moral idiocy Dershowitz addresses:

1) Request that 50% of Israel’s air-to-ground missiles be duds to ensure greater proportionality.

2) Allow Hamas another 1,000 free rocket launches to see if they can catch up with the body count.

3) Have Israeli soldiers congregate in border barracks so that Hamas’s random rockets have a better chance of killing military personnel, to ensure it can claim at least a few military targets.

4) Redefine “holocaust” to refer to deaths of terrorists in numbers under 400 to give greater credence to Hamas’s current claims.

5) In the interest of fairness, allow Hamas to establish both the date that war is supposed to begin and the date when it must end.

6) Send Israeli military advisers to Hamas to improve the accuracy of their missiles.

7) Take down the barriers to return to Hamas a fair chance of getting suicide bombers back inside Israel.

Fans of the idiotic version of “proportionality” that Hanson mocks will be glad to know that Hamas is pounding southern Israel with rockets. Michael Totten, Ramesh Ponnuru and Andrew McCarthy also shed light on the question of “proportionality.”

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