Feliz ‘dinejad: The sequel

As John noted yesterday in “Christmas news,” Mark Steyn coined the seasonal greeting “Feliz ‘dinejad!” in honor of channel 4’s hosting of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad for an alternative Christmas message. At NRO’s Corner, Michael Rubin reports the sequel:

The irony of Britain’s channel 4 giving Ahmadinejad the pulpit in the name of free speech is that as he was speaking, Iranian authorities raided and closed down the BBC’s Tehran offices and, separately, in the spirit of goodwill to man, ordered Christmas trees banned from Iranian kindergartens…

Channel 4 reports that “in his deeply-spiritual message of seasonal goodwill already seen by inthenews.co.uk Mr Ahmadinejad says that even as crises and despair multiply ‘a wave of hope is gathering momentum.'” The full text of Ahmadinejad’s Christmas message is here. Caroline Glick’s column on Ahmadinejad’s channel 4 appearance is here.

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