Good Sign Or Bad Sign? You Decide

Some of our readers may have noticed the “Ecodriving” game that comes and goes in the cube that is just to the right of this post (for the moment, at least). I haven’t tried to figure out who sponsors this game, but they bought the space and they’re welcome to it. They’ve bought similar cubes on a number of other web sites.

Here’s the thing: so far, Power Line readers are doing very poorly compared to some other sites. Wonkette, actually, is in the lead, and they’re crowing about it, although they also acknowledge that it may reflect poorly on the employment status of their readers.

I was never much of a video gamer, but I thought I should at least give the game a try. It isn’t too hard, but I didn’t do well. I scored a zero, actually. Just not enough environmental consciousness in my driving, apparently. That, plus I couldn’t figure out how to control the car very well.

Anyway, I’d encourage our readers to give it a try. It’s kind of fun, and I sort of hate to lose to sites like Wonkette and TPM Cafe. Even at “ecodriving.” Not that there is any prize at stake, of course. Still, give it a whirl, and see if you can beat my score of zero.

UPDATE: In the brief time since I did this post, PL readers have surged into third place in the “Ecodriving” standings.

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