Higher education, Hamas-style

In today’s newspapers one can read via Reuters, for example, that “Israeli warplanes bombed the Islamic University in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, a significant Hamas cultural symbol[.]” The targeting of the university sounds like an error, or an example of Israel’s allegedly disproportionate response to the rocket attacks against which it is seeking to defend itself. Why bomb a university?

Turning to the Jerusalem Post, one discovers:

Two laboratories in the university, which served as research and development centers for Hamas’s military wing, were targeted. The development of explosives was done under the auspices of university professors.

University buildings were also used for meetings of senior Hamas officials.

The IDF said rockets and explosives were stored in the buildings.

Islamic University, in other words, represents how thoroughly the institutions of the Gaza Strip, such as they are, from mosque to school to state, have been turned into instruments of terror with extermination as their object. It is the commonality of aims that places Hamas in service to Iran, a point which David Horovitz urges observers to keep in mind.

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