More of a nag than an ally

Yesterday, Hamas ended its “cease-fire” with Israel and launched new missile attacks from the Gaza Strip against Israel. One of its rockets fell short of its Israeli target and killed two Palestinian sisters, ages five and thirteen.

Israel, having finally had enough of Hamas’ attacks, retaliated. Its counter-attack is reportedly vigorous, but was preceded, as usual, by warnings intended to minimize civilian casualites. Unfortunately, it is questionable whether this goal will be realized, given Hamas’ practice of hiding behind civilian populations in these instances.

The United States responded to Israel’s counter-attack by cautioning Israel to exercise restraint when it comes to civilians. In doing so, the U.S. bought into the slanderous narrative of Israel’s Arab and European enemies that Israel does not show the appropriate level of concern for Arab civilians.

Barack Obama properly had no comment. Had he made comments, it’s doubtful they would have been more offensive than the administration’s.

During President Bush’s second term, the U.S. has been more of a nag than an ally when it comes to Israel.

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