Mostly Quiet on the Malmo Front

We noted here the riots by Muslim “youths” in Malmo, Sweden, that have been underreported by the world’s media. Things seem to have calmed down some. But Gates of Vienna has good background on the riots, including this key observation:

The interesting thing about the Swedish Intifada is that international anarchists and “anti-fascists” are acting as an accelerant in the conflagration, with explicit connections to the rioting that has broken out all over Europe in solidarity with the Greek anarchists.

And EuropeNews has still more, including this video:

So much for the “Third Way.” EuropeNews also quotes this explanation of the Malmo riots by one of the participants:

About what happend is that the police hurted a 14 years old arab and they shuted down the basement-mosque in Ramels Väg (Street). That is why the owner didn’t pay the rent/tax (maybe).

200, 300 teenage muslims planed and started thier revenge and revolution.

They buyed fireworks and made homemade bombs, throwing them at the police and screaming “Fu*k the police!” and
“Detest the police!”

The homemade bombs are so strong that you feel that someone is kicking the window when it’s exploding a 100 meter away.
Or more…

It will explode only if you hit the target.

Sweden is in the forefront of the disintegration of Europe that has been so ably chronicled by Mark Steyn and others.

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