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The IDF’s International Press Branch has opened a YouTube channel. They will be uploading IDF footage as it comes out. The Jerusalem Post report on the channel is accessible here, with a link to the channel in the report. .

Via Aliza Landes/IDF and Fern Oppenheim.

JOHN adds: It’s worth noting that IDF Foreign Press chief Maj. Avital Leibovich explained the YouTube channel by saying, “The blogosphere and new media are another war zone.”

UPDATE: A reader writes: “YouTube has removed the channel you linked to (they still have others). Do you know why that particular one was removed? According to the IDF note on the YouTube site, it got the most hits on YouTube…” I have substituted a link to the Jerusalem Post article. Fern advises me that this link still works. Does it? Has YouTube removed videos from the site?

MORE: I understand that YouTube has indeed deleted IDF videos.

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