Powell versus Limbaugh

I give Jay Nordlinger my proxy on this subject:

Colin Powell, as you may have heard, has pronounced that, in order to rebound, the Republican party needs to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. I say: The Republican party would be better off not listening to Colin Powell. After all, who has the better track record over the years? Who has been right more often than the other (and I don’t mean right-wing)? That’s no contest: It is not the former secretary of state.

If the Republican party goes the way of the Obama-supporting Powell, it might as well fold its tent right now. If it goes the way of Limbaugh — it could be singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” before you know it.

And even if not: The party would still be principled and distinct enough to be worth the time of day.

And of course Rush himself did a good job of responding to General Powell.

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