Scenes from the recount

Eric Black attended the first day of deliberations by the Canvassing Board ruling on challenged ballots in the Minnesota Senate recount. The first day was devoted entirely to Franken challenges to Coleman ballots. Among other things, Black does a good job of describing the board’s deliberations and how its somewhat surprising rulings have caused the Coleman campaign to add back challenges that it had intended to withdraw. He observes:

[B]ased on many statements by experienced election officials, I had been led to expect that very, very few challenges would be upheld. So, by my lights, Franken’s ratio of roughly 25 percent exceeded my expectations. But it doesn’t tell you anything bankable about where this is heading until we see both how many challenges Coleman brings to the table (he seems to be more than double Franken at present) and what portion of his are sustained.

And for those wondering who won or lost the day, he advises: “Anyone who answers that question is guessing.”

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