Swedish “Youths” Riot

Those European “youths” are at it again, this time in Sweden. That’s how the BBC identifies them: “Swedish city hit by youth riots.”

The city is Malmo, in southern Sweden, where vehicles and barricades are burning for a second consecutive night:


In the caption to this photo, Reuters helpfully explains that the fire is being extinguished by policemen because “the fire department considered the area to be too risky to enter with their personnel:”


As usual when European “youths” riot–outside of Greece, anyway–the explanation comes if you keep reading:

“We’ve had a very difficult evening,” a police spokeswoman told the AFP news agency late on Thursday.

“There have been fires burning since this afternoon… extensive damage to public property, and… stone-throwing and bomb threats against police.”

She said the trouble was linked to the closure of an Islamic centre. The owner of the building, in an immigrant neighbourhood, had decided not to renew the centre’s lease. The centre, which included a mosque, had to move out.

All of this strikes me as newsworthy, but as best I can determine, the New York Times, for one, has yet to mention the Malmo riots.

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