Weather Underground alumni: Keep the faith in Obama, baby

We know that former Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are long-time supporters and allies of Barack Obama. Now Melanie Phillips alerts us to the support of Obama expressed by former Weather Underground terrorists Mark Rudd and Jeff Jones.

Rudd and Jones comment on Obama’s cabinet-level appointments, predicting that they will provide cover for a leftist agenda where it is politically viable. They anticipate more simpatico second-level appointments. (Compare Paul Mirengoff’s analysis here.)

Rudd and Jones provide ground for radicals to “Keep the faith, baby” insofar as Obama is concerned. They thus counsel forebearance toward Obama by their radical colleagues who may have felt disappointment reading the ambiguous tea leaves of Obama’s prospective administration. Jones concludes: “Even Lenin would be impressed!”

Via NRO’s Web briefing.

UPDATE: Ron Radosh finds Rudd and Jones to be peddling the delusions of the left, and Melanie Phillips to have fallen for them. We shall see.

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