What Do These Men Have In Common? It’s A Mystery

A reader points out this AP article, which notes that an Indian national named Ansari, who was captured earlier this year, may be linked to the Mumbai terror attacks:

Ansari, an Indian national, was arrested in February in north India carrying hand-drawn sketches of hotels, the train terminal and other sites that were later attacked in Mumbai, Amitabh Yash, director of the Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh police, said Thursday. …

Indian authorities already face a torrent of criticism about missed warnings and botched intelligence. Linking an Indian national to the plot also undermines India’s assertion that Pakistani “elements” were solely responsible.

Then there’s this:

Meanwhile, police officers said they were trying to get as much detail as possible from Kasab.

“A terrorist of this sort is never cooperative. We have to extract information,” said Deven Bharti, the head of the Mumbai crime branch.

Indian police are known to use interrogation methods that would be regarded as torture in the West. Bharti provided no details on interrogation techniques, but said “truth serum” would probably be used next week. He did not specify what drug would be used.

Our reader comments:

here’s what struck me about it…apart from the highly amusing bits about interrogation in India!..do tell!

No word yet on how India plans to regain its standing in the world.

They’ve identified this guy involved in planning the attack….and guess what?…he’s an “Indian national”. Whew!…sigh of relief!…that means it’s not JUST the Pakis!!!…there was ONE GUY who was Indian, too!…as if that matters a whit, since he was recrutired by the Pakis…..

But what’s missing here?….right!…careful attention to AVOIDING any indication of his religious identity!…Maybe it’s just me…but I would think that whether the guy is a MUSLIM or not is all important, wouldn’t you?…After all, India is the 3rd largest muslim country in the world,,,with over 140 million….

But these MSM shills are so careful to avoid answering or even asking the obvious question because it would undermine the whole sly attempt to create misdirection away from radical Islamism to…what?…it must be incredibly upsetting for the MSM to confront the idea that Muslims may be a fifth column in ANY country..or at the very least permit or harbor radical Islamists among their communities.

It’s more of the “willful blindness” discussed in the post immediately below.

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