Why don’t they want you to see the IDF videos?

As Joe Malchow explains in this post, Power Line promptly came under attack yesterday when we became the home for the IDF videos (posted here) that YouTube removed from the IDF’s YouTube channel. I believe this was the first ever Denial-of-Service attack we have experienced in over six-and-a-half years of operation. The videos depict the lethality and precision of IDF’s attacks on Gaza’s terrorist infrastructure. Why does YouTube find the videos objectionable? Why do our anonymous assailants want to keep us from displaying them?

JOHN demurs: It must be true what they say about memory; painful recollections tend to fade. Scott is forgetting some DOS attacks that we experienced a few years ago, at least one of which originated in Indonesia. On those occasions, a number of conservative sites were targeted.

SCOTT adds: Diana West comments here, noting that YouTube now offers the previously suppressed videos to registered viewers over 18. I guess it’s a rating issue.

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