An evening well spent

Barack Obama reportedly had dinner last night at George Will’s house. Bill Kristol and David Brooks are said to have been there, as well.

Obama deserves credit for this “outreach,” which is consistent with reports about how he handled himself as head of the Harvard Law Review and, to some extent, as a powerhouse in the Illinois legislature.

Brooks arguably is no longer a conservative, and may well have voted for Obama, while Will has bashed President Bush and John McCain for years. But the diversity of the three (counting Kristol) should count further in Obama’s favor. He has sought out three of the very best, most distinctive minds in non-liberal journalism

If reports that Obama has met (or will meet) with Rush Limbaugh are true, the president-elect’s venture into the alternative universe will be rounded off.

UPDATE: It gets better. Charles Krauthammer apparently was at the dinner too.

MORE ON THE DINNER: Drudge reports that Larry Kudlow, Peggy Noonan, and Paul Gigot were also among the “nine or ten” people who dinned with Obama. Kudlow was impressed.

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