From Paris to Poland, from Beirut to Amman; Hamas is a two-face, a worrisome thing

The Washington Post, in a story by Sudarsan Raghavan, reports as follows on international protests against Israel’s military operation in Gaza:

From Paris to Poland, tens of thousands of protesters called for an end to the Israeli offensive. In the Muslim world, thousands marched in Beirut and in Ankara, Turkey, and Amman, Jordan.

This is good alliteration but poor writing. Raghavan leaves it unclear (perhaps deliberately) roughly how many people protested in Paris and Poland; which European cities “from Paris to Poland” experienced protests and of what magnitude; and (to me perhaps the most interesting question) how the size of the European protests compared with the size of the protests in “the Muslim world.”

In addition, Raghavan declines to go near the question of the extent to which the ranks of the protesters n Europe were made up of Muslims. If most of the protesters in Europe were Muslims (which is how it looks in the film I’ve seen), there may be less than meets the eye, for purposes of this story at least, to Raghavan’s distinction between “from Paris to Poland” and “the Muslim world.”

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