Hooray for Big Hollywood!

Big Hollywood is the brainstorm of Andrew Breitbart. It is a group blog that is intended to provide a forum for heterodox voices talking about popular culture and encouragement to conservatives working in the Hollywood vineyards.

Andrew explains the purpose of his new venture in “A million stories to tell.” He has appointed editor John Nolte to preside over a team of interesting contributors in his new venture. Nolte has contributed several interersting reviews that are accessible on the home page, as well as his editor’s statement “Big Hollywood loves the arts.”

Andrew has invited me to participate, and I have posted a short note on Hollywood’s 2007 anti-war flicks. As always in the case of such left-wing pap such as Peter Berg’s disappointing “The Kingdom,” commercial expectations were high and, as always, filmgoing audiences had a mind of their own.

Among the contributors helping Andrew roll out the site tody are Orson Bean, who asks “Where are the cinema heroes today?,” and Andrew Klavan, who says “Hooray for Big Hollywood.”

I’m wondering who among the hearty contributors to Big Hollywood will take up the challenge of addressing Steven Soderbergh’s epic tribute to the Commmunist murderer Che Guevara. Soderbergh’s tribute assumes its position in a line that includes Richard Lester’s 1979 bomb “Cuba,” which I refer to in my Big Hollywood post this morning. The line also includes Robert Redford’s 2004 paean to Che, which I took a look at in “Motorpsycho Diaries.” For the moment, I refer interested readers to Mark Goldblatt’s “Revenge of Che” and to Jay Nordlinger’s unfortunately still timely 2004 article “Che chic.”

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