Live From Sderot: It’s Joe the Plumber!

PJTV is the most ambitious effort yet launched to offer an alternative to “mainstream” coverage of the news. It is, no doubt, a long shot; but then, nearly every successful venture started out as a long shot. One thing PJTV has going for it is superb video streaming technology–the best I’ve seen, actually. And it’s got Paul and me, who have been doing a more-or-less-weekly “Power Line Report.”

So far, PJTV’s biggest PR coup has been sending Joe Wurzelbacher–Joe the Plumber–to Israel to report on the conflict there. Wurzelbacher’s first report is now available here, free with registration. Joe’s trip to Israel has been greeted by mainstream reporters with nothing but snark–he’s a plumber, not a reporter!–but I found his first report surprisingly engaging and informative.

Wurzelbacher’s “reporting” is pretty much like having one of your buddies go to Israel and tell you what he sees. But I found his first-hand reporting from Sderot, including a tour of a home that was hit by a Hamas rocket and an occasion when Joe and his companions had to sprint to a shelter because of an incoming attack, to be unusually sympathetic and revealing of the havoc caused by Hamas. It’s well worth checking out.

The photo below is of Joe and his companions in the shelter, waiting out a rocket attack:


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