Mosque of the Red Death

The IDF continues to post fascinating videos on the YouTube channel it set up to cover the Gaza offensive. Two days ago it posted the video below depicting the weapons cache and anti-aircraft cannon stored in a Gaza mosque. The video is an excellent companion to the January 9 column “The foulest fight” by Jerusalem Post editor David Horovitz. Horovitz notes:

Amid all the international criticism of Israel’s fighting tactics in Gaza these past few days, from the gentle to the hysterical, from the supercilious chiding about disproportionate response to the vicious Nazi comparisons, one prominent aspect has curiously escaped marked comment.

Israel is bombing mosques in Gaza. Six of them and counting.

Why the silence over the mosque bombings? Horovitz offers: “…because the Islamists know they’ve been found out.” They have been found out, but I’m not sure that’s the explanation.

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