NewMajority launched

David Frum’s new website, NewMajority, is up and running. It will feature commentary and investigative reporting. Frum’s commentary, consistently among the very best to be found in any medium, will feature prominently.

Frum explains the goals of NewMajority this way:

Our goal here at is to renew and reform our Republican party and the conservative philosophy – so that we can again earn the confidence of the American people and govern responsibly and effectively. We don’t claim to have all the answers. We are sure that we are asking the right questions. And we have assembled and are continuing to assemble some of the most thoughtful people in the land to answer them. Most are Republicans. Some are ex-Republicans. A few (we expect) are on their way to becoming Republicans at some point in the future.

NewMajority is off to a fast start. For me, Frum’s four posts on Obama’s inauguration speech were a highlight of the first day. NewMajority also features Rudy Giuliani’s two-part take on what wrong for Republicans in 2008.

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