Nothing to see here

My conservative cousin filed this report on the massive right-to-life demonstration in Washington DC that portions of the MSM, including the New York Times, managed to miss.

On Thursday, I went to visit [my sister] at her new house in West Virginia. I changed trains in DC and had about 1/1/2 hours to kill. I walked outside Union Station and found myself in the middle of a massive right-to-life demonstration. The area around the Capitol was jammed with about a half million people. I saw crowds of Catholic clergy and lay people. But, not a TV camera or journalist with a notepad in sight.

I called [my wife] and told her to look in Friday’s New York Times and bet her there would be no mention of this event. Sure enough the Times didn’t consider this worthy of any coverage whatsoever. (Like your spouse my wife insists on buying the local liberal paper force of habit, she says.) Compare this with the coverage afforded when a comparable number of people descended on Washington to hear Louis Farrakhan’s message of hate. Oh well, I was glad to see that none of these demonstrators were buying any of the Obama souvenirs hawked at many of the stands inside the station.

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