The Dems’ Pork-Fest: What’s In It?

The Democrats appear to believe that they can toss anything into a deficit-financed pork bill, as long as they refer to it as “stimulus.” In the short term, that may well prove to be right. As Barack Obama reminded Republicans today, the Democrats won in 2008. So this will be their bill, and they will have to take responsibility for the consequences.

In the meantime, Congressman Jack Kingston of Georgia provides a summary of what is actually in the bill that House Democrats have cobbled together; click to enlarge:


Kingston notes, among many other facts, the CBO analysis that says only 7 percent of the funds appropriated by the Dems’ bill will actually be spent in 2009. By the time the rest of the money starts to flow–93 percent–the recession will be over and the money will be pure pork, paid for by borrowing from our children; nothing more, nothing less.

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