The Honeymoon: Over Before It Began!

Many liberals have what strikes me as a touching faith that the election of Barack Obama will cause America to be better loved by people around the world, including those who are ideologically hostile to the United States. They take seriously the idea that the fact that George Bush is hated in some precincts, and his likeness is a staple of anti-American demonstrations, tells us something about Bush rather than about the people who dislike our country.

So I confess to some satisfaction in seeing Obama’s likeness paraded at a hate rally in Jakarta, along with those of Mubarak and Olmert. The protesters were blaming Obama for Israel’s attack on Hamas, when he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet!


Note the cigarette; a nice touch, I think! Many liberals enjoyed the disgusting attacks on President Bush by anti-American critics around the world. It will be interesting to see how they react when Obama is the target.

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