The Honeymoon: Still Over!

In The Honeymoon: Over Before It Began!, I noted that Islamic protesters in Indonesia were blaming Barack Obama for Israel’s attack on Gaza even though he hasn’t yet been inaugurated. This calls into question, as I put it in that post, liberals’ “touching faith that the election of Barack Obama will cause America to be better loved by people around the world, including those who are ideologically hostile to the United States.”

Here’s more evidence that the honeymoon is already over, this time from Iran. Note that Obama says he wants to change our relationship with Iran by treating it with more “respect.” Here, demonstrators in Tehran walk on a poster of Obama:


This one, from the same Iranian demonstration, is especially charming. Note that the guy in the photo is pouring kerosene on the Obama banners:


Here, the Obama posters are burning:


The point, of course, is that if anyone thinks that electing Obama as President will cause us to be loved by our enemies, just because he isn’t George Bush, that person is doomed to disappointment.

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