Touble in Mullah-Land

Michael Ledeen, one of our foremost observers of Iran, thinks the Mullahs are worried:

Iran could well lose this battle, and defeat is very dangerous to a regime like Tehran’s, which claims divine sanction for its actions and proclaims the imminent arrival of its messiah and of the triumph of global jihad. If Allah is responsible for victory, what can be said about humiliating defeat? The mullahs are well aware of the stakes, as we can see in their recent behavior.

For some time now, the regime in Tehran has shown signs of urgency, sometimes verging on panic.

Of late, Iran has suffered a series of setbacks, including the battering it has taken in Iraq, the plummeting price of oil, and now Israel’s perhaps-unexpected resolve in dealing with the Mullahs’ minions in Gaza. Read Ledeen’s whole piece; it’s probably the most cheerful news you’ll get this morning.

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