Unholy Alliance

During the conflict in Gaza, Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador and later broke off diplomatic relations. Israel responded by sending Venezuela’s diplomats home.

Earlier today, Venezuela’s foreign ministry held a welcome home party for diplomats Jonathan Velasco and Roland Betancourt. As you can see in the photo below, they were presented with flowers, and also with scarves labeled “Palestine.” The scarves show a map of “Palestine” with no Israel, in the colors of the Palestinian flag.


I’m not sure what the colored zones on the map are intended to represent; maybe one of our readers knows. In any event, this is an instance of the unholy alliance between radical Islam and the far left.

UPDATE: A synagogue in Caracas was attacked last night by a group of armed men who overcame the guards, damaged and defaced the synagogue, and removed the tape from the security camera before they left. This wasn’t a graffiti-spraying episode or a drive-by Molotov cocktail. It was a well-organized attack, very possibly sanctioned if not actually carried out by Chavez’s government.

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