A word from somewhere near Camp Lejeune

A reader writes in response to the post below:

I am a Marine Corps spouse living in [town deleted], North Carolina. We are between MCAS Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune…[Identifying information regarding her husband’s command responsibility has been deleted.] In [month deleted] 2008, I attended the spouse portion of a commander’s course in Quantico, Virginia. At that time we (spouses) were informed that, yes, the situation in Iraq was winding down but that we could and should expect an uptick in the tempo over in Afghanistan, as the focus would be shifting.

Late last year my husband informed me that Marines stationed here in North Carolina (read Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point and MCAS New River) would be tasked with the Marine Expedtionary Brigade slated to go. Currently, Marines from the 2nd Marine Division and 2nd Marine Air Wing are over in Iraq.

I am so angry at President Obama for being so disingenuous during his speech yesterday. He preys on the false hopes of Marine spouses and families by telling them that the troops will be leaving Iraq. But, in the next breath, he says that this “draw down” will not be occurring for a while. To add insult to injury, he does not make a strong point of telling families that while indeed their Marine may be coming home, they should not take comfort in that because they will have to turn around and go to Afghanistan.

I am angry not because I can’t handle it — this is my husband’s [number deleted] deployment in five years. I’m angry because by being so disingenuous [President Obama creates] false hope. That’s disastrous to an 18 year old who is all alone in a new place with no family.

Once that is destroyed you create bitterness and hatred towards the military and organizations such as the IVAW. Spouses and families insist that their loved one get out. I don’t believe for one second that President Obama or his wife respect the military at all. People wonder why there is such a disconnect between civilians and the military. This is why.

The United States (the Bush Administration) was heavily criticized for “going it alone” in Iraq. Yet, look at the progress and the changes Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen were able to bring to Iraq while going it alone. Compare this to the multinational NATO effort in Afghanistan. I would much rather go it alone and have a better chance at success.

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