Alfalfa Club Highlights

The Alfalfa Club held its annual dinner Saturday night. It was attended by luminaries including President Obama and Governor Sarah Palin. Press coverage is not permitted, but a number of the jokes told by participants have leaked out. These are pretty funny:

Obama: I’m freezing the salaries of everyone at the White House making over $100,000. No one has frozen that much money since ex-Rep. William Jefferson.

Obama: My family had decided to get a Labradoodle dog, but we’re having trouble finding one without back tax problems.

Joe Lieberman: I understand President Obama is going to visit the New York Times. He’s going to make it his new house of worship.

And, finally, from Joe Lieberman: I came close to being John McCain’s Vice-Presidential nominee, but finally he called me and said he needed more than just a pretty face.

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