Anyone for tennis in Malmo?

The AP reports that spectators will be barred from the Sweden-Israel Davis Cup match next month in Malmo. There appears to be a vague concern about controlling Swedish youth in Malmo:

The Davis Cup matches between Sweden and Israel will be played without spectators in Malmo next month. Attempts to move the venue to Stockholm fell through.

Officials have cited security concerns for the World Group series, which will be played March 6-8. Several anti-Israeli demonstrations have been planned in Malmo.

Stockholm had offered to host the matches, saying it was better prepared to guarantee security arrangements. But that possibility ended when Stockholm officials said they couldn’t get organized in time for Sunday’s arrival of the Israeli team.

What’s the problem in Malmo? Interested readers are left to fill in the blanks for themselves.

Via reader Dustin Mullenix.

UPDATE: I believe that the AP story has been much enhanced since I first linked to it this morning. The interested reader could not now miss the nature of the problem.

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