Blacklisting Myself: A Plug!

Roger Simon is a friend, a tremendously interesting guy and a wonderful storyteller. I wish everyone could have the pleasure of spending an evening with Roger, enjoying his anecdotes drawn from a remarkable life as civil rights activist, mystery novelist, Hollywood screenwriter, liberal sojourner in Russia, China and Cuba, neocon apostate and new media pioneer. The next best thing is to read his just-published book, Blacklisting Myself.


The people with whom Roger crosses paths are extraordinary: Richard Pryor, Oliver Stone, Regis Debray, Richard Dreyfuss, Paul Mazursky, Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand, Timothy Leary–something of a rogues’ gallery, but hey: that’s Hollywood! The entertainment value is considerable.

Roger tells the story of how he became–not a conservative, exactly, but a libertarian neocon, perhaps–in a modest and low-key fashion. The book doesn’t emphasize, actually, whatever “blacklist” non-liberals may be subject to in Hollywood. Roger has moved on, and is devoting most of his energies these days to Pajamas Media and PJTV. He tells that story, too.

Blacklisting Myself is a fun book; you’ll rarely spend time with a more entertaining companion.

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