Happy Valentine’s Day

Michael Ramirez caricatures today’s most notorious romantic couple; click to enlarge:


The funny thing is, I think, that reporters aren’t helping Obama as much as they believe they are. His approval/disapproval ratings hover around 60/40, which isn’t bad but nothing special for a President in his first month in office. Today, the press heralds Obama’s “victory” in helping Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pass the biggest pork bill in American history. Obama could have scored a real victory if he had brought about a focused, bipartisan bill that would have made a net contribution to the economy. But that didn’t happen.

Given the Democrats’ control over Congress, this was an easily-achieved “victory,” but Obama has tied himself irreversibly to the deeply unpopular Congress and will have to live with the consequences of the Reid-Pelosi porkfest, as well as TARP I, TARP II, and whatever additional follies the Democrats may come up with in the months to come. Nothing that reporters and editors can do will protect Obama from the effects of his policies: inflation, unprecedented debt, economic waste and stagnation.

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