He is my shepherd

I shall not want. He comforts the afflicted. He is a miracle worker.

He promises to provide for Americans from cradle to grave, while lightening the load of government on the backs of ordinary Americans. He promises not to increase their taxes “one penny.” He promises to reduce their taxes.

He must be quite sure that the ordinary American owns no stock and thus will be untouched by the expiration of rate cuts on capital gains and dividends. Perhaps He counts on the stock market to assure that ordinary Americans will remain unaffected by an increase in the capital gains rate.

He thinks that increasing tax rates on the most productive Americans who shoulder the lion’s share of the income tax load will not retard economic growth. He does not count on Americans to respond to the incentives and disincentives he places on them. He does not account for them.

He promises to cut the deficit which He has just massively increased while building in further increases. He promises to make us healthy, wealthy and wise.

His wonders never cease. He will save Detroit.

Though He omitted any promise of a life hereafter, He sought to expand the faith of Americans in things unseen far beyond anything asked of us in our pews each week. He does not forthrightly ask us to believe because the faith He peddles is absurd. Yet it is absurd.

He holds out his faith as right reason. He trusts that that Americans will not notice the contradictory nature of the promises He holds out to them.

He has confidence in His ability to peddle the faith. His confidence exceeds that of hucksters such as Father Divine, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammi Bakker, and Elmer Gantry combined. He says our day of reckoning has arrived. Yet it is a judgment from which He exempts Himself. His day of reckoning awaits.

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