Legitimizing Terrorism

Judea Pearl, Daniel Pearl’s father, writes in today’s Wall Street Journal about the dismaying extent to which terrorism has become an accepted political tactic in the seven years since his son was beheaded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed–who boasted of Pearl’s murder to the “cheers of sympathetic jihadi supporters” and may, before long, be put on “trial” to the cheers of millions worldwide.

Mr. Pearl fingers a number of those responsible for legitimizing terrorism–American and European universities, Jimmy Carter, our national and international media. He mentions Samir Kantar, whose triumphant visit to Iran we wrote about here and here, but has been studiously ignored by the mainstream media.

Pearl does not include the Obama administration in his list of those responsible for legitimizing terror–fair enough, it’s only been two weeks. But, with the “war on terror” relegated to the history books and Obama making friendly overtures to the leading sponsor of terrorism while apologizing for America’s “anti-Muslim” history, that omission may be soon prove to be more hopeful than realistic.

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