Memo to Republicans: Hang Tough!

The Democrats have been taking a beating on a number of fronts lately, but the most important relates to their pork bill. House Republicans opposed it unanimously, and the public noticed. In today’s Rasmussen survey, the Republicans have closed the gap on the generic Congressional preference poll to four points–down from seven points a week earlier.

Rasmussen attributes the GOP surge to “the unanimous Republican opposition to the economic stimulus bill proposed by House Democrats.” The pork bill needs to be hung around the necks of the Democrats, not attributed generally to “Congress.” The biggest danger now is that a group of Republican Senators could make a bad deal, agreeing to minor changes in the Dems’ bill while selling out their party by allowing the Dems to claim that the pork bill has bipartisan support. The Senate needs to hang tough, like the House, and either bring about fundamental reform in the government’s approach to economic conditions, or else vote No. Unanimously.

UPDATE: This is the kind of thing that scares me.

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