Most Don’t Expect Pork Bill to Help

Rasmussen finds that only 38% of voters think the Democrats’ pork bill will help the economy. 29% think it will hurt, while 24% expect it will make little difference. Among voters not affiliated with either party, 27% think it will help, and 34% think it will hurt. By 35%-32%, voters say they are less likely to vote for someone who voted for the pork bill.

Finally, most people seem to have followed the story pretty closely, and a large majority understand that hardly any Republicans voted for the Democrats’ bill.

All of this will mean little if the economy recovers quickly and the Democrats can sell the idea that the stimulus bill was largely responsible. But neither of these is likely to happen. On the contrary, the next couple of years will, in all probability, bring both inflation and countless stories of how the “stimulus” money was wasted. In which case, the public’s view of the Democrats’ pork bill has most likely already peaked.

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