Pentagon review finds Gitmo in compliance with Geneva Convention

The Pentagon has completed a report, ordered by President Obama, of conditions at the Guantanamo Bay military prison. The report concludes that the treatment of the detainees meets the requirements of the Geneva Convention. Obama will be relieved to learn this, unless he isn’t.

Defense attorneys for the terrorist detainees have complained that, at Gitmo, prisoners who go on hunger strikes are force-fed. The Pentagon finds that this doesn’t violate the Geneva Convention. As a legal matter, this seems like a no-brainer — the Geneva Convention requires that the lives of prisoners be preserved. Did Obama really need to devote our tax dollars to this inquiry?

Defense attorneys also complain that some prisoners, including high value detainees like Khaild Sheik Mohammed are kept in isolation. The Pentagon report finds no violation here, but recommends that these detainees nonetheless should be allowed to have recess together in rotating groups of at least three.

I wouldn’t have thought that Khaild Sheik Mohammed, for example, should have any privileges that are not granted him by law. But Obama now has the cover he needs to allow this terrorist mastermind to pray with his fellow killers and killer wannabes.

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