Or is it tweeting? I’m not sure. I set up a Twitter account a few weeks ago but hadn’t done anything with it until tonight, when–strangely enough–I was able to take a break from the mad social whirl that usually consumes our weekends and fool around on the web for a while. Anyway, if you want to follow me, you can–although why anyone should, I haven’t quite figured out yet. But Hugh Hewitt says Twitter is important, so I’ll give it a shot.

I’m on Facebook, too; that one makes a little more sense to me. All PL readers are welcome as friends. Facebook provides a steady stream of information about people whom you may or may not know, and thus is a fascinating window on the world. You could easily Facebook full time; in fact, I think my daughters have actually done just that at times. It’s no substitute for algebra homework, but it can be fun. New media–an alternative to employment! In today’s economy, that could be a good thing.

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