Wazwaz (not Wazwaz)

The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s spiral into financial insolvency has occurred simultaneously with its longer term spiral into intellectual bankruptcy. It has now recruited a roster of “community columnists” who run the gamut from simpering leftists to shameless Islamists without a stop in between. The paper might do better in Caracas, where Hugo Chavez could provide financial and moral support.

Last year the Star Tribune opened its pages to Fedwa Wazwaz as she faithfully parroted the PLO/Fatah party line regarding the establishment of Israel. Wazwaz bewailed Israel’s founding as a catastrophe resulting in the “forced removal” of Arabs by the Israelis. Among other things, Wazwaz somehow forgot to mention the war declared and waged on Israel by the surrounding Arab states and Iraq in 1948. Wazwaz’s column in substance called for Israel’s destruction.

Having thus distinguised herself as a guest columnist, the Star Tribune has now named Wazwaz to its panel of community columnists. Today Wazwaz promotes the local appearance of Ingrid Mattson, the head of the Islamic Society of North America. As I pointed out yesterday, the ISNA was named one of the unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation in the government’s successful prosecution of the HLF as a Hamas front.

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