Are We Going Bankrupt?

Senator Judd Gregg says that Barack Obama’s budget will drive the United States into bankruptcy. That’s a plausible claim. So, what public needs are so urgent that they are worth risking financial collapse for? The London Times itemizes some of the earmarks in the Democrats’ recent omnibus appropriation bill:

– Removing tattoos from gang members (California): $200,000

– Polynesian Voyaging Society (Hawaii): $238,000

– Swine odour and manure management (Iowa): $2m

– Preserving Lahontan cut-throat trout (Nevada): $250,000

– Stable fly control (Nebraska): $866,000

– Blackbird management (North Dakota): $265,000

– Encouraging teenagers to abstain from sex (Pennsylvania): $24,000

One wonders whether a people as feckless as we evidently are deserves to survive.