Breitbart breaks the code

My friend Andrew Breitbart is the Hollywood conservative who created and Big Hollywood. Last week he went on Bill Maher’s HBO talk show Real Time together with the fast-talking academic hustler MIchael Eric Dyson. Andrew’s appearance is available on three video clips posted here.

Andrew’s appearance is a modern version of Daniel in the lion’s den. So far as one can tell from the video, the audience consists entirely of liberal Hollywood pods responding robotically to Maher’s cues. Maher and Dyson perform as a tag team jumping Andrew. And yet Andrew scores repeatedly, as in his defense of Maher’s and Dyson’s attacks on Rush Limbaugh as racist (beginning at 3:00 of the first video). In his Washington Times column yesterday, Andrew reflects on his experience appearing on the show.

I asked Andrew if he was ever tempted to call Dyson a b.s. artist during his appearance. Dyson is university professor at Georgetown University. The guy slings academic jargon in the fast-talking style of the Federal Express manager in the advertisement above. Andrew would only say that he found it challenging to understand what Dyson was saying. Dyson accuses Andrew of speaking in code. I think Andrew correctly picked up Dyson’s message that conservatives are racist.


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